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What is a Product?

It is not just a link to your web app/site, or
a product on store shelves, or
just an app...

It is how you feel

and thrives to change the world...

Adapt IT Solutions, A group of selected, passionate & enthusiastic geeks, working for UX, development, strategies, thrive to deliver the best interactive experience for users to know more about brands or a products.

Agile approach, optimistic thoughts and excited about learning new technologies. Always lean, collaborative, always in connection. Each project is special to us, and so are you.

We feel that knowing What, When, Who and How of a project, is only a half way done. Being a good listeners, performing timely and paying close attention to details makes it 100%, flawlessly. We are easy to reach, flexible to talk, and a great fun to work with!

Specializing in C#.NET, LAMP, MVC3 & MVC4, WordPress, Magento, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Backbone, Ajax, Flash/ActionScript, user experience design, xHTML, HTML5, CSS & CSS3.

We work honestly with broad vision, excellence in service, discipline, and constructive criticism. We conduct regular sessions and attend Webinars to update and sharpen our skill sets.

We are committed to our work and have passion for the technology. We accept challenges, big challenges; and have passion and determination to see through until successful achievement of the goal.

We honor our commitments and are accountable of providing results, striving for the best quality and clean job. We believe that your product and service are only strong if, backed by clean and simple code. We satisfy when our customers are.

We do Mobile and Desktop for Fun! - iOS, Android, HTML5, GPS based, e-Commerce, Voice Apps

It is what you are

passionate about doing...

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It is your effort

to bring communities, people
services together...

It helps

Connect with us

in kitchen, to shop, to entertain,
to connect, to inovate...

We are here for you
 to enhance  
 it's experience!